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Tuatara’s Big Raise Underscores Improving Landscape for Cannabis Financing

  • By Omar Sacirbey – Marijuana Business Daily – August 16, 2016
Tuatara Capital’s recent success at raising a record $93 million for marijuana industry-related investments signals that deep-pocketed investors increasingly are embracing cannabis businesses. Moreover, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s decision to keep marijuana on its list of the country’s most dangerous drugs isn’t expected to curb that investor enthusiasm.

A New York private-equity firm has raised what it believes is the largest amount of capital ever to invest in the legal marijuana industry

  • Business Insider – August 11, 2016
Tuatara Capital has raised a $93 million fund to invest exclusively in the legal marijuana industry, The Wall Street Journal reported. Two of Tuatara's principals, Al Foreman and Mark Zittman, believe that it's the largest fund in the marijuana industry. "Our understanding is that we have the largest pool of capital by fund and firm size in space," Foreman told Business Insider during a joint call with Zittman.

Tuatara Capital Closes Marijuana Fund at $93 Million

  • By Amy Or – Wall Street Journal – August 3, 2016
The final tally exceeds the firm’s initial target of $80 million

What Presidential Candidates Think About Marijuana Policy And Legalization

  • By Javier Hasse – Benzinga – August 2, 2016
Marijuana supporters are not psyched with the direction the ongoing presidential campaign is taking, especially with the selection of Mike Pence and Tim Kaine as the vice-president candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively. Both VP candidates have publicly opposed changing marijuana laws.

Investment Firms Seeing Broad Interest in Marijuana

  • By John Hilz–– August 1, 2016
As marijuana continues to roll towards full legalization across the globe, private equity firms with deep pockets are piling into the cannabis bandwagon.

Private equity is 'seeing more excitement than it can handle' in the marijuana industry

  • By Jeremy Berke – Business Insider – July 30, 2016
The cannabis industry is starting to see some serious investment activity. Over the last few years, a new wave of cannabis-finance companies have formed to capitalize on the green rush. Companies like Tuatara Capital, Seventh Point, Poseidon Asset Management, and Privateer Holdings have dived headfirst into the industry.

Neither Clinton Nor Trump Is A Hit With Marijuana Supporters

  • By Debra Borchardt – Forbes – July 28, 2016
Marijuana supporters are crossing their fingers that the Obama administration will act soon to reschedule cannabis because neither candidates for president or vice president are giving them any positive feelings.

Medical Marijuana; Chamblin Bookmine; Kerry Speckman

  • By Sean Birch – WJCT – July 21, 2016
Nearly two years after Florida lawmakers legalized it, low-THC medical marijuana could be available in the state as soon as next week.

'Fire sales' — a hint at life after pot legalization

    By Thomas D. Elias – Napa Valley Register – July 18, 2016
You’ve seen fire sales. They happen when goods or real estate are discounted sharply after fire damages a store or a building. But the term has new meaning in rural Calaveras County, where the devastating Butte Fire swept through thousands of acres last year, the seventh-worst wildfire in recorded California history.

Why Nasdaq-Traded Marijuana Stocks Remain Undervalued

  • By Ellen Chang – TheStreet – July 15, 2016
Nasdaq-traded marijuana stocks are undervalued as investors remain skittish and as the use of drugs produced by major cannabis-focused biopharmaceutical companies have not been widely adopted.

Norwalk-Based Medical Marijuana Startup Seventh Point, LLC Raises Acquisition Funds

  • By Alfred Branch – Norwalk Patch – July 14, 2016
Norwalk-based private equity firm Seventh Point, LLC, has raised $750,000 - and has investor letters of intent for another $11 million - to go toward its goal of raising $75 million to buy a legal, California-based medical marijuana dispensary and related assets, the company announced Thursday.

Medical marijuana startup in Norwalk raises funding

  • By Alexander Soule – The Hour – July 14, 2016
A Norwalk firm has raised $750,000 toward a private equity fund to acquire marijuana dispensaries, with immediate plans to acquire a Los Angeles facility with an eye on a “satellite cultivation buildout” in its words. Seventh Point is run by Steve Gormley, who previously ran business development for OSL Holdings, a firm listing headquarters in Yardley, Pa. that attempted to build a business offering both an online platform to advance civil rights causes as well as a unit to cultivate medical marijuana.

Steve Gormley Talks About Seventh Point's Private Equity Fund and Investing in Legal Marijuana Dispensary Assets in Los Angeles

  • – July 13, 2016, a global news source and investor resource covering actively traded sectors including cannabis/hemp and medical marijuana stocks interviews CEO and Founding/Managing Partner of Seventh Point, LLC, a private equity firm investing in assets in the sector.

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